about me

hi, I'm b

And I'm so excited to share this sacred space with you. My passion for wellness stems from a long history of disordered eating and poor body image. After years of intense running, dieting and poor sleep all in hopes of obtaining the perfect figure and life, I burnt out. I no longer had energy, felt disconnected from my own body and emotionally was drained.

What I didn't know then and wished someone had taught me was instead of changing my body, I should work with my body.

Since then, I have made it my mission to enlighten women on a path of intuitive movement and understanding their body's unique needs. I am a certified holistic health coach, 200-hour trauma informed yoga teacher and nationally certified school psychologist. Through private yoga, group yoga and holistic hormone coaching, I provide an unique approach to true wellness.

Message me to get started and learn what it is all about.