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Hi, I'm Brittany!

Welcome to the balanced b x conscious living project

I’m glad you’re here! If this is your first time meeting me, my name is Brittany Moore and I am a certified holistic health coach, 200-hour trauma informed & pre/postnatal yoga teacher and education specialist.  I created this space to support others to live their healthiest & most vibrant life.


The balanced b was a concept created three years ago.  It came to me one day when I first began a wellness journey that went below the skin.  I always thought I was “healthy”.  I lost weight, ate low fat salads, ran a lot, didn’t drink much.  I worked a lot and took on roles where I stressed myself to the max, working from home and getting early to finish work.  It wasn’t just my career that made me work a lot, it was my own habits.  


Fast forward to the present, it turns out that years of insane mileage, low fat meals, lack of enriching myself in the things that made me happy, high stress and little sleep wreaked absolute havoc on my authentic self and my hormones.  I struggled to know who I was in my own skin.  I struggled to want to know myself.  I struggled to maintain happy and healthy relationships and life.  Here I was, going through the motions of life, afraid to fail but also already failing my body.  I dabbled here and there, but never fully dove into the things that truly made me happy.   


Self discovery, self care and self actualization, against contrary belief, are a journey, not a destination.  We are never fully there until our work on this earth is done.  As a human race, we will constantly need to adapt and change but the ultimate goal of balance, of homeostasis, is not far within each of our reach.  Yet, as a general collective, we yearn for permission to take a break, take care of ourselves; and even when we get there, we are hit with so much information, even more misinformation, that it is no wonder we don’t know where to begin.


And with this concept, the balanced b was birthed as a yearning to support individuals with their own journey, to begin the process of self-discovery.  It is a lost art, waiting to be dug up and shared, reshared.  It is the mission of the balanced b to not just create more information to put out, but to connect you with the collective that are here to truly bring light to the well-being of all individuals, to lift up those who are paving the way and to help you find comfort, health and purpose in your own skin.