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sessions curated to meet your needs.

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There is no one size fits all when it comes to wellness.

Yoga at Home

Sustainable Wellness Subscription:

This was created as a simple way to invest in your self-care.  You’ll receive weekly emails to keep you on track and access to weekly yoga classes!

  • Monthly recurring fee of $30 - cancel anytime.  Created to serve you when you need it.

  • Weekly email with guided meditation + self-care tips

  • Weekly virtual yoga (with recording if you miss class!)

  • Free access to monthly workshop

  • 10% off all services

Hormone Balancing:

Getting back in touch with your body.

Hormone Balancing Sessions are 60 minute sessions where we dive into your current lifestyle (no judgement, all open & honest!) to realign your current practices to work with your body!  There is no one size fits all with hormone balancing - it is all about what works best for you right now.  Each session will also provide you with recommendations you can begin to make that day.

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Self-Care Advisement:

Find peace in the day to day.

This session is similar to lifestyle coaching but more concentrated towards meeting your individual needs in the areas of nutrition, fitness, routine, skin care and self-care practices.  In a 60-minute session, we will break down areas where you are balanced, areas to focus on and you will walk away with a full plan to put into action.

North Node Advisement:

Live out your divine purpose.

Are you living according to your dharma?  Do you wonder what your purpose is?  Where are you playing small?  Growth is all about breaking old patterns and entering those which are expansive for you.  Through advisement, we will access your gifts and purpose through your astrological north node, uncover old patterns as noted in your south node and receive support in how to apply to your current lifestyle!

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