Hormone Balancing.  Prenatal Support. Postpartum Recovery.

Take back your health.


Women's health has been neglected.  From the over prescription of birth control to the lack of access of support for postpartum women, the system is failing us.  Period.  


The balanced b is here to provide women with the research, guidance and confidence to help you navigate your health.  Take control of your reproductive health- whether it is to have children, recover from child birth or to just have more energy, you deserve it.  

How are we showing up?

Knowledge is power.

Hormone Balancing & Prenatal Prep

You don't have to want to reproduce to prenatal prep.  This is the notion of preparing the mind, body & spirit to to reach optimal reproductive health.  Our cycles are big indicators of our general wellbeing- so if you are having uncomfortable, painful periods or no periods at all or are preparing to try to bring life into this world, this is for you!

Postpartum Recovery

You've passed through the gate of labor into motherhood.  We all focus on the baby's needs and yet ignore the fragility of a newly postpartum mother.  Even the easiest of births calls for a period of deep rest and recovery.  Now is the time to truly hone in on nourishing diet, gentle movement and ample amounts of rest.  

Prenatal Support

Great, you're pregnant, now what?  You may be feeling a range of emotions- excited, scared, overwhelmed... sick?  We often focus on preparing for the baby to arrive and forget to regularly take care of future mama.  Take this as your sign to start now.  How we care for our physical and emotional health plays a vital role in our labor & delivery.  Prenatal yoga is a powerful way to connect with your body and ultimately, your baby.   

Therapeutic Yoga

I often refer to yoga as the catalyst of healing.  For all my skeptics, research has proven the benefits of a regular yoga practice for not only for physical health, but mental and emotional health as well.  Let's get moving together.